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About Phytobiodermie®
The Logo
The root of the Phytobiodermie® logo is the Taoist symbol of Yin and Yang forming a perfect whole, not of antagonistic forces, but of complementary ones. Harmony is achieved in their balance. Balance is an essential condition for wellness and beauty.

In the middle of the Phytobiodermie® logo sits the White Dragon, one of the most cherished and powerful figures of Chinese mythology. The White Dragon is known for its strength, creativity and courage. Unlike the western concept of dragon, White Dragon is a righteous protector.

The logo appears in different colors depending on how it is used:
  • Grey/grey for general purpose.

  • In one of five colors when in relation to PHYTO 5™ products corresponding to the five elements of traditional Chinese philosophy and medicine.

  • With two colors to symbolize Phytobiodermie® pioneering work with color therapy: Green on the right side is the color of love; purple on the left side is the color of wisdom.

Strength, Courage, Love, Creativity, and Wisdom are qualities celebrated by Phytobiodermie® and all it stands for!
5 Element Clay Mask
Our Swiss Factory  
For four decades, PHYTO 5™ has been a pioneer in using natural ingredients and essential oils of the highest of quality to create exceptional skincare products with vital energy balancing properties

Laboratoire GIBRO S.A. runs a factory in the Swiss mountains where all PHYTO 5™ products are exclusively made. It enjoys particularly pure water from the Swiss mountains, an important asset when making skincare products. Gibro was certified an organic manufacturer by Ecocert® / Cosmebio® in 2007 as manufacturer of organic certified products and ecologically-minded manufacturing practices.

Certified organic products (called “BIO” in Europe) display the logo of their certification agency. The manufacturing entity as well as the products should be listed on the website of the certification agency. PHYTO 5™ products are certified by Ecocert® and Cosmebio®. The Made-in-Switzerland label is recognized worldwide as a guarantee of quality.
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